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At LogSafe Compliance we’re committed to improving food safety for consumers through automated technology at food preparation and retail sales. We’ve collected useful food safety resources and information listed in this article section as well as shared our own thoughts and opinions in our blog On the Side.

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August 17, 2018 Health officials reveal why hundreds of customers got sick at an Ohio Chipotle

2016 Foodborne Statistics

States need more money for FSMA

How deli stores can manage risk

Food Safety Fact Sheets

Food Safety Compliance: Kill Two Birds with One Thermometer

Food safety is non-negotiable, we all agree on that fact.  But what benefits can you get from implementing an automated logging solution to assist with your food safety program? Grocers have long known that prepared foods in the deli case are a boon for profits,...
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Sick at an Ohio Chipotle

Health officials reveal why hundreds of customers got sick at an Ohio Chipotle.

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See Apps in ACTION!

Check out our new video which shows off the ease of use of our applications!  
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Is Lack of Technology Amplifying Foodborne Illnesses at the Deli?

We’ve got augmented reality (AR), self-driving cars, delivery drones and a slew of other technology on the verge of rapidly changing the world we live in. Technology like wearable devices have taken over our lives since their introduction keeping us connected,...
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New tests increasing foodborne illness stats

FoodNet reports, "New testing methods account for some increases in illness stats" In their report released in April the CDC says, "foodborne illness remains a substantial public health concern in the United States. Previous analyses have indicated that the number of...
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