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Food Safety Applications Designed Specifcally for the Frontline Worker


Safe: Keep your customers safe by ensuring foods are properly handled, cooked, and held.  Protect your BRAND by maintaining high food safety standards with accurate recording keeping, automated tracking, and easy to understand logs that clearly highlight quality and safety issues.

Accountable: Instant notifications alert management teams when there is a food safety issue that needs immediate attention, daily push notifications keep management teams informed that work is being completed and equipment is being maintained.  Replace unreliable manual paper logs that are vulnerable to human error

Easy:  Setup requires less than an hour of your team’s time.  Additionally, LOGSAFE can be trained in as little as 5 minutes and successfully executed by associates of different ages, skill levels, and experience, freeing key personnel to focus on growing sales and serving customers.

Affordable: LOGSAFE has a low install cost and low monthly subscription fee making it accessable to operators of all sizes.  From one store operators to large chains LOGSAFE makes sophisticated modern technology available to everyone.

Temperature Log App


Sophisticated Protection: LOGSAFE is sophisticated technology written by experienced software engineers with a team that averages over 18 years of experience in the logistics, supply chain, and block chain industries.  LOGSAFE brings that unique experience to food safety logging, tracking, and reporting providing operators with state-of-the-art technology on a modern mobile platform.

Simple Execution: At LOGSAFE we matched experienced software engineers with a 30-year veteran owner of supermarkets.  We spent a year testing and refining to create a product that is uniquely sophisticated yet easy to use, ensuring that food service associates can execute the program regardless of age, technical sophistication, or food service experience.


All you need is a Tablet running LogSafe’s suite of applications and a Bluetooth-connected thermometer. No experience needed!
LogSafe Compliance is easy to train and operate and provides free training of your personnel and free technical support.


Save Time, Save Money: LOGSAFE speeds the processes associated with monitoring and maintaining food safety records by providing a fast, efficient solution that can be used by all associates saving precious labor dollars ($$’s) and freeing key personnel to be more productive and focused on managing the business and growing revenue.

Based on our times studies, saving 4.5 minutes per temp cycle, using 7 cycles per day at an average hourly rate of $15, you save over $230 per month.

No Long-term Commitment LOGSAFE operates on a short-term contract.  Low cost of install + Low cost of ownership = If you don’t love us, leave us.

Food Safety Applications


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