Make Your Deli Safer. Digitally Automate Processes, Reduce Human Error and Eliminate Paper Logging.


Food Safety Compliance: Kill Two Birds with One Thermometer

Food safety is non-negotiable, we all agree on that fact.  But what benefits can you get from implementing an automated logging solution to assist with your food safety program? Grocers have long known that prepared foods in the deli case are a boon for profits,...
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Sick at an Ohio Chipotle

Health officials reveal why hundreds of customers got sick at an Ohio Chipotle.

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See Apps in ACTION!

Check out our new video which shows off the ease of use of our applications!  
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National Grocers Assoctiation Meeting

We are headed to the National Grocers Association meeting in Las Vegas, February 11-14.  We have a great new application to help grocers easily comply with the Food Modernization Safety Act.  For RETAILERS, by RETAILERS.  Message us at if...
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Food Safety Summit May 2018

It's not too early to start thinking about the Food Safety Summit next year. This is a great event for everyone on the food supply-chain to brush on on the latest information in food safety. We're looking forward to meeting new people and showcasing our latest...
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Food Safety Applications Designed Specifcally for the Frontline Worker

The original LogSafe Compliance app was built for the deli environment, to reduce the challenges of;

  • High turn-over rates and the need to retrain employees
  • Multiple tasks to perform while serving customers
  • Frequent need to monitor and record data

Designed by people on the frontlines of food preparation and developed by experienced software engineers, LogSafe Compliance apps have evolved to protect consumers from preventable foodborne illness throughout the food chain. Our apps digitally automate food monitoring processes to reduce human error throughout the food chain especially at the food preparation stage.

Temperature Log App

Automated Food Safety & Compliance Best Practices & Training

Although acceptable, today’s common practices for monitoring food safety  doesn’t measure up, leaving stores and restaurants vunerable while putting consumers at risk. With pending food safety requirements changing, now is the time to integrate and automate best practices.

LogSafe Compliance apps makes it easy to integrate into your existing food monitoring processes replacing manual steps that are prone to human error. Now you can eliminate manual logging of data and capture critical data points with a tap on a screen for food temperature, meat grinding and sanitation.

When data points are outside compliance thresholds the app instructs workers on next steps to reduce risk and train on the spot. Resolution is required to continue work. As part of the workflow these data points are captured and stored and management is notified.

Automated Notifications Keep Management Alert

When action is required, automated push notifications alert department managers making them aware of pending issues that need attention. If issues aren’t resolved in a timely manner automated notifications then push to store managers.

Getting in front of costly food safety issues reduces risk for food-borne illness and eliminates unnecessary food waste. 

Food Safety Applications