Foodborne illness impacts roughly 48 million people a year – CDC


There are many causes for foodborne illnesses and we are on a mission to prevent them through food safety compliance – starting throughout the food chain and especially at food preparation. We understand the challenges that kitchen and deli managers face every day and the priorities food preparation staff juggle. Our LogSafe Compliance apps help overcome these challenges, empowering food handlers to prevent unsafe conditions from occurring with automated alerts, digital tracking and simple technology that coaches workers to food safety compliance.


***In development: Food Expiration App, Grind Log, Drain Log, Cooling Log, and 3-compartment sink log.

Food Safety Compliance status

Remove Human Error

Human error happens. It’s easy to forget to perform food safety compliance checks which can result in the loss of product and profit. As one of the most common challenges, we designed our apps to overcome all forms of human error by digitizing critical steps in food safety & compliance.

LogSafe Compliance apps now support all food prep environments including the grocery deli, restaurants, food trucks, catering and bakeries.

Empowered to Act

Today, food monitoring is a manual, error-prone environment, but it doesn’t have to be. The LogSafe Compliance apps collects critical data points throughout the day. When a food safety compliance recording is missed, it generates an alert to the food prep worker along with a required action. If it is missed again or an action isn’t taken an escalated alert is sent to a manager to take action. If a recording falls out of a normal range, the app prompts the worker for a specific action. If the action isn’t completed and validated an alert is sent to a manager to take action. If resolution to the action isn’t made within a specific time frame an additional alert is generated to the next management level.

Prompt action when it is needed, not when it is too late.

  • Eliminate food waste
  • Prevent unsafe food conditions
  • Help food handlers maintain compliance

No matter their experience, workers will get consistent and actionable direction from the LogSafe Compliance apps making your business more profitable and compliant. Management can focus on big picture needs instead of reviewing log books and worrying about food safety compliance.

Monitoring data is typically stored for 60 days so you have a traceable log for review. Data storage can be customized as needed.

Empower food workers to be in compliance with Food Safety requirements

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